Meet Gen Z

Marketing to the Newest Generation


Just when we thought we had Millennials pegged, a new group rolled into town. Meet Gen Z: They’re younger, hungrier and know what’s going on in the world faster than you can take a selfie.

Two of LC’s top strategists took a deep dive into what makes Generation Z tick. Now is your chance to connect with some actionable insights they discovered. So, what are you waiting for? Download the eBook and learn how you can hitch your brand to the Gen Z wagon and ride off into the future.

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Champions of Diversity

0% of Gen Z is non-Hispanic white
—the last generation to be so.

Do you think the same way as Gen Z?
Would you rather give up…

Guess what? Almost half of Gen Z answered the same way. They (and you, apparently) would rather be connected to peers than to information!
Most Gen Z’ers would agree. Just over half of them (and you, apparently) want instant access to information over instant access to friends’ stories.

Masters of Will Power

0% of Gen Z’ers force themselves to take social media breaks from their phones.

You may be thinking to yourself how can Millennials and Gen Z be that much different? You’re in for a surprise. Throughout our eBook, you’ll see how this newest generation is about ready to take over the marketing space. Learn how their lives were shaped by cultural touchpoints such as the Great Recession and using YouTube as a legit TV platform.

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