Celebrating The Past to Own The Future

How we partnered with the Milwaukee Bucks for their 50th season

Entering their 50th season, the Milwaukee Bucks wanted to give fans a chance to celebrate the team's Championship past without overlooking the fact they have some of the brightest young players in the league. Of course, it’d be one thing if every one of the team's 50 seasons were successes. Unfortunately, there exists the “forgotten generation” of fans - those under 30 who’ve only seen one playoff series victory IN THEIR LIFETIME.

Our approach was to build off the momentum of the team's existing tagline, “own the future,” and connect it to the finer moments of the team's past through the line “You’ve gotta respect the past if you wanna own the future.” In a series of retrospective spots, parallels were drawn between current players and basketball philosophies with the trailblazing ways of the teams’ history.

In the end, we wanted to remind fans of why they fell in the love with the team in the first place while igniting the passion of a promising season ahead. ‚Äč





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