Getting Back to the Good Led to Great

Refreshing World Finance from the Insight Out

Few words excite a strategist more than, “Can you help us refresh our brand?” So you can imagine how many hands were raised when personal loan company World Finance approached us with this exact ask. They needed to generate buzz around their brand and stand apart from their competitors – all in a market that’s already confusing to the consumer.

Challenge accepted.

First, we needed to understand why customers apply for a loan — which wasn’t easy, as personal finance isn’t exactly a go-to topic for most people. Using both private interviews and quantitative data, we were able to dig into the who, what, when where and why of the customer decision-making process.


Our biggest insight? Empathy.

Having compassion and approachability, we learned, is essential for loan-seekers. We also discovered that the World Finance customer is committed to seeing the good in life, come hell or high water bill.

And, as it turns out, so is World Finance. After more than 1,000 interviews, we established that the company’s core mission is to “provide good” to everyone they serve — not exactly a common theme in the loan industry. Can you say “opportunity?”


Our “Get Back to the Good” campaign is inspired by these insights. Every piece is infused with empathy, showing how a loan can help customers deal with those “Are you kidding me?!” moments and get back to enjoying the things that make life so sweet.

From the refreshed logo to the creative campaign — which includes radio, OOH, banner ads, in-store posters and more — these elements reinforce what World Finance always knew: that they are committed to helping people get back to the good in life.

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