The Young. The Beautiful. The Influential Influencers.

As Influencer Marketing booms, keep in mind the 4 A’s

While it’s good to be young and beautiful on social media, it’s even better to be influential. As influencer marketing has gained popularity, brands of all sizes and all industries are looking for social media stars to partner with. And as influencer marketing has gone mainstream, there are four A’s for any company to keep in mind:

1. Attention

As organic reach continues to decrease for brands across social channels and more users implement ad blocking, influencer marketing has emerged as an inventive way for brands to catch the attention of their target audience and raise awareness among users who no longer see banner ads or organic Facebook posts.

2. Authenticity

While brands may be afraid of falling behind the curve on influencers, it’s important to thoroughly review potential partners to ensure they’re a good brand fit. Just because someone has 300,000 Instagram followers doesn’t mean that they’re an influencer. And just as brands should prize authenticity in their partners, it’s equally important to keep in mind that social media users want to see authentic content from the influencers they follow and not read regurgitated ad taglines.

3. Admiration

Partnering with influencers allows brands to reach highly engaged individuals through someone they admire (and actually read). By building off the strong connection between an influencer and their audience, brands can proliferate their messaging and connect with their target audience.

4. Assets

While every brand feels the pressure of churning out their own social media content, establishing an influencer program to include usage rights from creator partners for brand-owned posts and ads can efficiently grow an asset library of unique photos and stories to use across social channels, digital platforms and other media channels.

Some brands—especially in the beauty and fashion industries—have elevated influencers from a niche aspect of their marketing to being essential for generating word-of-mouth among their target audiences. Whether they’re looking to reach new moms, wanderlust-loving millennials, or DIY foodies, influencer advocacy can go a long way to nurturing awareness, cultivating engagement and delivering on business goals. And as the popularity and reach of influencers continue to grow, it’s the brands who adapt to the desires of their audience that will position themselves to thrive in the ever-changing world of social media marketing.

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