Up to Speed In An 8-Second World?

How to get noticed when attention spans are short

People’s dependence on digital devices has diminished the ability to remain focused: attention spans have fallen from an average of twelve seconds in 2000 to just eight seconds in 2015. Using multiple screens has caused consumers to be less effective at filtering out distractions – while simultaneously fragmenting their attention. So, what is a brand to do? 
Consumers still crave information, and continue to process it at greater speeds than ever before. They utilize first, secondary and sometimes tertiary screens all at the same time – so they’re more engaged overall. This provides numerous connection points for brands to engage and build frequency.  And if you give consumers content they are interested in, attention spans sore. Which is why, in today’s society, binge watching a whole season of Stranger Things in one weekend isn’t uncommon. Smart brands recognize this behavior and deliver valuable experiences that encourage consumers to pause.
With this in mind, here are 8 tips to connect in an 8-second world (try to make it to the end): 

1. Keep your message short and simple

What consumers see in one glance can dictate their next move – if overwhelmed by too much information they will move on

2. Brand early and often

But, don’t lose sight of the content itself and rush your message before attention is diverted

3. Understand your audience’s interests/motivations

Use their motivations to evoke a feeling – one second, one image or one word can be enough to earn their time

4. Experiment with branded content and native advertising

Seamlessly integrate your brand message into the overall look and feel of the page to connect with your audience

5. Defy expectations & find inspiration in unexpected places to tell your story

Look to outdoor ads for inspiration as the channel is accustomed to delivering messages within seconds

6. Consistency is key

Ensure messaging across screens maintains a similar look and feel to aid in brand retention

7. Utilize rich media units and movement to grab attention

8. Consider interactive and immersive experiences to maintain attention & encourage interaction with your brand

If you made it to the end of this post – we applaud you!

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