Spread Your Wings

Don't just grab a beer, grab a lager.

Who would’ve thought in this flavor of the month craft beer culture where hops is paired with zombies, unicorn blood and orange rinds a nearly 200 year old brewery would find itself at the top? As America’s largest craft brewer D.G. Yuengling & Son was also America’s oldest brewer. While those are some compelling reasons to grab a Yuengling Traditional Lager they weren’t enough.

See, people love this beer. They’ll cross state lines to get it. Even divert family vacations hundreds of miles to load up a cooler or two so they can brag to their buddies back home. So our challenge was to tap into that unabashed beer nerdism, and create a culture of not ordering beers, but ordering lagers.

When you order a Yuengling Traditional Lager, it’s an occasion unto itself. Transforming a night out into a night to remember. A casual dinner quickly becomes a dinner for the ages. And like the eagle with its outstretched wings on the bottle, it was a simple ask to drinkers everywhere. Don’t just grab a beer, grab a lager. Spread Your Wings.

Yuengling - Out of Home

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  1. Dave Musselman 10/7/2018 11:15:54 PM
    The song on the Yuengling commercial sounds catchy enough to be released seriously. Is it something previously done being reused or something newly written? Sounds good either way.

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