Let Your Audience Lead

Talking content marketing at the LC roundtable

Recently, Laughlin Constable hosted a Roundtable that focused on Content Marketing and invited speakers from Contently, Kin Community, Pandora and Buzzfeed to share how they plan, create, distribute and optimize their content. Throughout the presentations, one message continuously reoccurred: create content that humanizes your brand. 

Before you begin “humanizing” your brand, we’ve curated a few helpful hints from our speakers to help get you started.  


Commit to your audience

Contently committed to their audience by viewing content marketing as a political campaign. They did this by gaining the trust of their readers by publishing honest, unbiased pieces that discussed both sides of every story while presenting themselves as passionate people. In short, their voice resonated with their followers.
Put your money where social is
Contently expanded their audience by utilizing paid social channels, starting with sponsored Facebook content. They understood that it was more than just clicks to their website; it was about the amount of time readers spent on their site and whether or not they shared the content with their community.
Find what’s working and what’s not
After creating and distributing engaging content, Contently established a strategic methodology for their content marketing process. They identified what type of content people were sharing, the performance levels of each piece and an overall strategy for each channel.

Kin Community

Be a hero, not a hijacker
If you want to join the conversation, come to the party with a different outlook, perspective or tone. Your content should create noise, not add to it. The more granular your audience, the easier it is to take a different approach and convey your message.
Discover your tribe

Your followers. Your community. Your niche. These are the ones who are listening and sharing your content. Often times, large brands don’t feel “human.” By creating content with relevancy and value, your tribe will find you.
Helpful vs. supremely helpful
Being supremely helpful means you’re putting out content that is specifically targeted at your followers. It’s your “true audience” who shares your content with their social community. Discover exactly what your tribe wants by doing research. Research competitors’ websites. Read comments. Then, distribute the content your tribe has been asking for. 


Personalize your noise
Pandora’s key mission is utilizing the power of personalization. With only 8-seconds to engage your audience, attention is currency in the digital space. Great content gets in front of your tribe at the right place at the right time, adds value and creates noise.


Shareworthy content
People share what they find relatable. In other words, content they either identify with, experience emotion from or find informational. In a world that’s cluttered with content, it’s about creating empathetic content. And when your tribe emphasizes with your content, they share it – taking the conversation from “me” to “we.”


Churn the content machine
Becoming a content machine isn’t about churning out the most content or having the most followers, it’s about the loyalty of your tribe and whether or not they find value and relevancy in your brand’s content. All of this is possible by determining your niche, discovering your tribe and humanizing your content specific to them.
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