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How influencers can transform brands into experiences

Influencer marketing connects everyday people (AKA influencers) with other everyday people through advertising in order to make real life connections and stimulate their buying decisions. These empathetic connections are playing a powerful role in the advancement of brands in the marketplace. Because of influencers, brands are seeing strong returns – with brands on average making $6.50 for each $1 invested. Effective influencers are transforming brands from goods and services into valuable experiences.
Social media is where it’s at. Successful brands are aware of this – it’s proven. In fact, Salesforce found that 70 percent of brands are planning to increase their social media advertising in the next year, and a large portion of that budget will be dedicated to influencer marketing.

Brands, Take Notice

Brands that truly engage with people talk with them, not at them. The most impactful influencers engage with consumers by conversing with them in a relatable, entertaining, compassionate, cooperative way. From YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest, among others, consumers are eating up influencers who feel real (just like us) because, after all, they’re ordinary people. People have an innate desire to feel like they’re being listened to and want to partake in true conversation. Communicating with someone with whom you connect naturally is one of life’s most valued pleasures.
Nonetheless, many brands continue to use celebrities for endorsement, believing they have greater pull with their audiences. However, millennials (who also happen to have the most purchasing power) trust their friends and influencer peers far more for their purchasing decisions. Millennials don’t feel they relate to celebrities in any sort of significant way.

The Human Connection

If you want to cultivate your brand through influencer marketing, you should:
  • Make your brand a trusted resource for compelling content.
  • Know it’s the influencer’s content that’s important, not your brand’s. Let their voice speak volumes.
  • Understand your main objective. Is it to gain more impressions, get your brand trending, or increase engagement rates?
  • Know that a strong influencer can bring real value and authenticity to your brand. The goal is to have trustworthy and genuine people talk about your brand – both online and offline.
  • Make your influencers your brand champions. Be sure your influencers are reliable; otherwise your brand can be perceived as inconsistent.
  • Ensure your sponsored content doesn’t sound sponsored. It should sound real.
  • Carefully vet your influencers: people you believe in and people who believes in your brand. They play a huge role for your brand, so be sure you want their voices heard and actions witnessed.
According to Yankelovich, a research firm, Americans, on average, view 5,000 advertisements a day, causing frequent interruptions and constant shifts in their focus. With influencer marketing, consumers enjoy a better experience since products are placed within organic content, making it feel seamless and sincere.
The right influencers naturally click with audiences and can greatly empower a brand’s popularity. Social media influencers are today’s most effective advertisements. In the digital world, they are the connection to consumers.
Who do you want advocating your brand? Choose wisely.

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